Really confused? What do you think?

My old co-woker and I were pretty close. When ever we work together we talk a lot.
Problem was she had a boyfriend and I used to tease her a lot about about it. Over time she would just start talking to me about her problems with her boy. My other co-wokers said they she seems gets along better with me then her boyfriend. So I began to catch feelings but didn't want to be a homewrecker.
At this time summer was ending, and I was leaving town for school.

I got the opportunity to hang with her when she said she needed help to find a b-day present for her boyfriend.

When we were hanging out, first she was talking bout her boyfriend problems without me saying anything. Then when we were looking for something for her boyfriend she didn't seem interested in finding anything for him, instead she insisted that we shop for things for me when I move out. We hung out for a while and I thought we really hit it off.

I haven't talked her for couple of days and when I finally saw her at work she didn't want to talk at all. I asked her when she was working the following week and we both realised this would be our last shift together.
As soon as I said that she started to talk to me about everything again. She also asks if if we wanted to hang later on that week. A day was set.

Now is where it gets really confusing.
The night b4 we were supposed to hang she says she can't make it and when i tried to reschedule she didn't want anything to do with it. She eventually agree's to see me so we could say goodbye in person.

She agrees to see me but when I pick her up she was in gym clothes and says we only have 15 mins cuz she had to go. So I told her that I felt things had become super awks for whatever reason but I hope we could still be friends and keep in contact. She kinda was like ok but she refused hug/shake my hand when we departed.

I haven't seen her in bout 2yrs bout randomly bumped into her and I realized I still have feelings for her but feel weird about thing ended.
What should I do?


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  • she's moved on. You gotta move on to

    • Yeah, don't get hung up on the past, you missed your chance.

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    • Yes if she's willing to give it

    • Do u think she liked me at all or was i just being used?

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