Is it OK to meet other girls while you are waiting to date one?

OK, here the thing I really don't want to be stuck on one girl, because it seems that every time I just try to keep talking to one girl, I get all caught up and start to visualize me with her ( You know all that romance stuff). Well I always wonder why do girls get mad if you are only getting to know them and are on are going on a first date ?

For example, let's say I meet this girl, and we been talking for a few days and decide on going on a date, but then again the date is like 4 days away. Does that mean I should stop getting to know other girls just in case it doesn't work out with this one ? I mean, the reason I ask, is because most girls if the see you doing this, they would just get the feeling your just player or something. It's kind of hard to explain, but I hope you get what I'm trying to say.

Well I always wonder why does the girl you are getting to know get mad, if she sees you trying to talk to other girls ? I mean what if it doesn't work out***


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  • Girls tend to get mad because, you know, they like you... That's not really rocket science. Why would you let her see you do this anyway is beyond me. If you just went on a first date, I think it's okay to keep your options open.. just don't let the girl know about it because more times than not it's going to lead to drama of some sorts.


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  • I think it's fine to meet or date other girls. I don't think it's necessary to "put all your eggs in one basket" so to speak. Unless you and the girl have talked about it and decided to be exclusive, then you're free to see other people. Just be ethical about it. Don't lie and tell a girl that she's the only girl you're seeing if she's not. Also keep in mind that you'll likely have to cut things off with the other girl(s) if things become serious with one, or you may find yourself really liking more than one girl and have to choose, which may be hard on both you and the other people involved.

    • Yea I usually look for the features I don't like the most. One thing that really turns me off is party girls. Girls who love clubbing and partying. I dint take them serious, I mean once in a while is OK. But I met some girls, who go clubbing and partying every weekend, and then they got the nerve to tell me guys always hit on them because of how they are dress. Like, seriously ? come on.

  • So I think you mean you like to get to know multiple girls (even if one stands out) so you don't get all caught up over one. I think that is okay, I do the same thing with guys. But you have to understand that if a girl sees you flirting, or what she sees as flirting, with another girl, she will see that as an indication that you don't like her. Then, there is a good chance she will either back off, get upset, or hide her feelings. Try to make it more obvious when you are around her that you like her so she doesn't get confused as to whether you are friends or more.

    I don't know if that helped, but good luck!

  • To be honest, I would get kind of jealous if I saw a guy that was tryna get to know me better do that,

    but at the same time, it's not in my place to say who he can or cannot see.

    We're aren't together, so there's no obligation.

    To answer your question: yes, it's OK to meet other girls while you're seeing the other one.

    You don't need to tell her who you're going out with for the night because it really isn't her business and she can't hold anything against you for it.

  • As long as you both agreed you aren't exclusive.

    Good luck.


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