Wait for text message?

I'm dating a guy who doesn't live at the same place I do. There's something I need to ask him about, and I've texted him and I've asked him if he can send me a text back when he gets money on his mobile phone (he's not able to call or send messages because of that). Yes, I could call him, and we have talked trough phone, but I want to ask him about this thing through text if you understand what I mean?

My question is: Should I wait for him to text me (I've been told that I should wait, 'cause he's probably wondering about what I'm going to ask him about and this will make him curious or something.) Or should I send him my question and tell him to answer me on facebook or something? I need to ask him before Thursday night.

And btw: I get to see him almost every weekend, but we just started dating and this question plays a role in whether he will come this weekend or not. If I don't ask him about the thing I'm going to, there might be a chance his not coming this friday


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  • I thinmk if he doesn't you can go ahead and text him