Should I Leave This Confusing Guy?

Confusing guy behaviour... this guy has the most boring texts/responses i have witnessed in my life. 'hey what you doing' ... i respond... 4hours later.. 'ok, what you doing'. But in person his so funny and talkative. I don't have time to waste, he might not be a texter.. but i've seen him enthusiastically message his group and family members. It been months and we hardly see each other, i want to end whatever this is. So i stop messaging him and within 5-10days he strikes up another boring ass conversation, and when i reply he responds back 5-12hours later. I really like this dude, but i also really like my time and value it. What the hell is his deal? we both can tell these conversations are painfully bland and of no real substance... and i keep responding to his pointless 'wyd' messaging cause i feel its rude to ignore people. urghh what should i do.. lol please decide for me.
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  • you're not just someone to hit when he’s bored, remember that. If he likes you then he’ll be more talkative to you, like he will reply your texts as soon as possible, he will keep the conversations to be more interesting and continuous. No more boring conversations and the most important part is: you will notice that he wants to keep in touch with you.


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  • Relationships do not exist over text message. The point of the telephone is to set up a time to see eachother in person. It's painfully obvious that neither of you know this because this generation insists that the opposite is true; so you keep acting out what you've been told by society, and it's painful and unnatural. Talk to him about this.

    • You're only 31, stop acting like a grandad, you ARE 'this generation'. This millennial hate thing needs to stop, its not ok. And its not like we are having a 'relationship' over text msg's lol, we have other commitments in life you know, like work, university, family... paying bills. Being 30+ does not give you a pass to be judgmental like this, this is something the older generation need to work on i guess...

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    • lool ok good point granddad πŸ˜‰

    • Lol 😁

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