My friend has let a girl live with him he barely knew and she seems to be a very troubled person, is it right to get kick her out?

Okay, so, one of my best friends in college (still lives with his mother) has let a girl live with him for the past 2 months. He seems to have feeling for this girl, "so does she." She had been "kicked" out of her fathers home and needed a place to stay, of course my friend having a big heart, let her kick it at his place. Now, he's only knew her for about 4-5 months as a manager at his old place of employment. At first, I was a little concerned because he barely knew this girl, but I ultimately thought this would only be a temporary thing 1-3 weeks max. But nope, she's still there, she dropped all of her belongings and dog no less, and decided to change my friend as much as she could, some better or for worst. She's essentially changing the the man's room to the way she sees fit. Now of course, living with a significant other, changes occur, they have too, but this girl was making rules in somebodies else's house! his mothers, and threatening to leave if he doesn't follow them.
For example, my friend likes to drink, she told him, no alcohol in the house, he retaliates, and she gets up and leaves for the night; whenever an argument occurs, she just gets up and leaves, he has no idea where she goes. I have a very bad feeling that she is seeing other guys.
She refuses to talk to any of his relatives (his mother, father, and even big brother, and us his closest friends) and is always on her phone This girl talks to other people constantly, even other guys that my friend has concerns about, but she is unwilling to change a little bit for him. she's taking while he's giving everything, she victimizes herself as well
A little background of the girl, don't know if its true or not. Her mother had her at around 19, the girl believes her mother doesn't love her, she has no baby pictures of her or anything, not to mention, the mother has a tendency to be in very abusive relationships (boyfriend beats her up, etc.) the aunt seems to love her, i believe she should be with her.


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