Why did she just completely alienate me?

A friend of mine I met through work made a poor choice when dating this guy, and he treated her like shit but she got pregnant and had a kid with him. They have only been together 8 months and he proposed to her.
The thing is he lost his job and has been cheating on her. So when Thanksgiving came around, they had next to no money for food. I got a giant turkey from my work for Thanksgiving and drove it down to her to surprise her and she was very grateful.
Same deal for Christmas, I brought her the hams I got for Christmas from my work because I was gonna be working.
It got bad when her 'fiance' came and confronted me at work for what I did. I told him maybe he should step up and get a job and stop cheating and be a better father instead of letting someone else put food on the table and take care of his girl and kid.
Afterwards, she was upset with me for what I said, but she walked in on him having a three way with two girls and gave him the ring back.
Instead of waiting two or three hours to have him pick her up, she would let me take her home so she got home at a reasonable time.
She got terminated for not showing up on Christmas day, and I was pissed because all her work was dumped on me.
She completely stopped talking to me the day she was fired and they got married and haven't spoken to me since.
After all I did. Why just burn me?


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  • Dude. What kind of Captain Save-A-Hoe are you? She did you a favor.

    • I'm glad so, but after everything I did, why just drop my ass?

    • Because you were nothing but her bitch. She used you and dumped you when she was done. You were a sucker.

    • I couldn't agree more, but I thought it was a nice and right thing to do. Was to help her. I knew her way before they started dating. He ruined her life with his choices.

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  • Be honest, did you have a thing for her?

    Either way, that's what happens when you do nice things for people who don't really want it or appreciate it. Being nice doesn't guarantee you'll get attention, in fact sometimes it serves the opposite purpose.

    Either way, she's with this guy, they're trying to make it work and she doesn't want you in her life.

    • I did, but I didn't want to be the parent of her kid. I knew her before she met that dumbass

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    • Rules to live by I guess. Shitty that that's the way the world is now?

    • Well, not really because unless a girl is already attracted to you, it doesn't matter what you do for her, she's not going to fall in love with you. Not much has changed in that regard.

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