How do American guys find immigrant girls from Europe?

I'm talking about girls that have immigrated with their parents from Europe. From any part of Europe. It can be Easters, Western, Southern, whatever. Do you like them? They are definately different from American girls in many aspects.

Everyone is different and everyone has their own opinion.

Have you had an previous experiences dating or being in a relationship with an immigrant girl from Europe?

Be specific and persuade the readers with your answers.


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  • I went out with a girl from Ukraine awhile back. A friend of mine introduced us. What I found dating her, meeting and talking with girls from those countries and from Japan/Korea was that most of them desired traits in men that women here don't want. Quiet, conservative, sensitive, generous, nice, women here (at least when you're in your early twenties) don't want those things.


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  • That is good question

  • Well, first of all, I need to warn you.

    Basically there are many regions in Europe. We distinguish 5 major cultural/vaguely geographic regions: Central Europe (Germany, Poland, Switzerland, western Ukraine), Eastern Europe (Russia, eastern Ukraine), Northern Europe (Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Norway), Southern Europe (Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal), Western Europe (France, Netherlands, the UK).

    Any references to Cold War, or dividing Europe into 2 parts (Western/Eastern) will always be perceived negatively, the best thing is either to see Europe as one giant continent, or always mention the exact country you mean, alternatively the EU (a de facto confederation of 28 European countries)

    Just a warning :)

    Most Europeans in the US are overwhelmed by the cultural differences and will stay ahome for much time, but as soon as they get confident, they will try to integrate - usually go to bars and attend events. It's quite difficult to find immigrant girls from Europe - European countries usually offer better life quality in pretty most aspects so the US is a tourism destination, including sex and shopping destination, for Europeans.


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