My boyfriends friendship with an older woman is bothering me?

My boyfriend is very loyal and I know he does not have a physical relationship with her, its just that I feel extremely annoyed at the fact that she sleeps over at his house ( he lives with his parents) and he sleeps over at her house ( she is married and has children. she even went along on a family weekend.. in the two years that we have been dating he never brought me home. I only ever spoke to his mom and sister on the phone. He went on two roadtrips with her, never did that with me. And he has onky known her fir two months. He gets angry whenever I bring up the subject because he says nothing is going on. I just really feel agitated and annoyed about their relationship. He even calls her before he calls me and he once told her about me and she made a snarky comment about me saying im too jealous and he didn't even defend me. The reason she said i was too jealous was because he told her that i didn't like the fact that she was sending him photos of her body at the gym. Maybe im weird but an older woman sending a young dude mirror selfies showing of her butt? I never told him not to talk to her but its really killing me inside. He even invited her to his sisters wedding and he went even further by telling her she is like his sister. What is that supposed to mean? I mean a guy usually loves his sisters a bit more than his wife or girlfriend which makes sense. But does that mean he loves her more than me? I've been there for him through everything and I've never considered breaking up but I dont want to deal with this woman for the rest of my life. My gut just tells me somethings up.
The familg weekend was very exclusive. His sisters husband didn't even come. Why would a stranger that he met 2 months ago be allowed to come?


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  • Are you sure they're not sleeping together?
    It seems weird they would sleep at each other's houses, especially since you never do.
    I think you're right to be annoyed at the relationship.

    • Yeah he sleeps over with his brother and her husband is friends with him as well. They all hang out together.

  • Very strange. What's the age gap?

    • My boyfriend is almost 22 and she is 35

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    • I told him we really need to talk about this and we will one of these days, i just feel bad for being so negative when I dont mean to cause harm. I dont want him to think im jealous or negative...

    • This is a pretty big deal. How long have you been together?

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