Is he toying with me?

We met through a friend 2 months ago, he got my number, we texted on and off for like a week, then he asked me out. Went on a 5 hrs date was really nice, he texted me none stop after the date and then a couple days later he travelled back to his hometown, he said he doesn't know when is he coming back, i was turned off and said oh alright and stopped texting, he then said i really like you i wanna keep talking and when i come back i wanna see you, then he's like in fact i'm coming back within a week i said oh okay.
He keeps on texting me like 4 times everyday and a week has passed by and he didn't mention that he's back i let it slip and i just started acting cold, but then he started saying stuff like i wanna see u again badly like when i'm cold towards him he throws at me all the stuff about him coming soon blah blah, and i still act normal about it not excited or pushy like WHEN?
And now 3 weeks has passed by now and AGAIN he did it for the third time saying he's coming back in like a few days and when am i free and i told him and that day is tomorrow and he's NOT back like wtf! Like i even on purpose make my replies short so he gets the idea that i don't wanna text him because he keeps giving me hopes but he doesn't let a day passes by without texting, and when i try to end the conversation he will come up with a new one all the freaking time and they are lengthy ones not even short!

WTH is going on in his head?


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  • He wants to inclusively plan when to come back with you, and because it is a considerable effort, he doesn't want to come and not get to bump privates with you (sex).
    That's all really 😉

  • Sounds to me like he is giving you the runaround. Personally if I were you, I'd be looking for a new beau.


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