Sometimes he acts interested sometimes he doesn't?

We went out to eat just me and him he called it a date not sure if he was serious and he was holding doors open for me, complimenting me, touching me, and telling me to text him when I get home when I did he was in class, he left class just to tell me "he's happy I made it home ok" now he hasn't texted me since after I told him I got home safe. He didn't kiss me before I left or anything but why would he be so sweet and almost seem interested than just not text me? Should I just give him a couple days or is he not interested or should I text him first I don't want to seem desperate so I haven't texted him yet.


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  • How long was the time gap since he texted you? If it wasn't that long like under a day - just wait it out - pretty sure he had something suddenly pop up.

    Pretty sure he is interested if he would do all that for you.

    And you won't be seen as desperate - only if you reply right away or text him like after 2 min of him not replying thannn u seem desperate

    Again just wait it out and try not to jump to conclusions - he might be caught up in something or you can text him first after a while if you dont wanna be seen as desperate


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