Girls, if a guy stopped you on the street and said he thought you looked interesting?

Assuming he is attractive (7/10) and you are currently single, would you stop and talk to him or give him an excuse and keep walking? Thoughts?
  • Yes, I can only dream that would happen to me
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  • Yeah I would stop if I wasn't busy
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  • Eww no thats so awkward
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  • No because he's a stranger / I dont know him
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Most Helpful Guy

  • That's a good way to fail, cuz she'll ask why is that and you'll be standing there like a moron unless you're really good at observation and can notice all the details on her and draw some conclusions.

    • I think it's a good opener because it very easily leads in to a conversation unless you're a social retard. Observing something in particular about her would be preferable but as a fall back you can always say "I don't know I can't quite put my finger on it there's just something about you I find interesting / intriguing." Then you can ask a whole range of questions or make a silly joke depending on what she says in response.

    • For a bar/club scenario it would be good, on the street not so much. She has a life, she's going somewhere and wasn't even thinking about you so you don't have time to drag it. You've got like 2 mins to get her number or social media, I mean as you said you're just a 7 so you need to make an impact. For me the pull & push is way better, since she sees that you're evaluating the option of asking her out. Anyhow, every has his own game. You can always try your method and see how it goes, if you move 1 block forward no one's gonna know if you failed or not and you can repeat till you get it right.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Well that’s a nice way to meet someone. It’s also nice having someone have the guts to come up to you and say that. Many will over think and then not say that. I’d definitely talk to him.


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  • it doesn't matter if he is 7/10 or 10/10 but weather Im into him too or not
    if he click for me I might even go on coffee with him, give him my number
    if not, Id smile say tnx and move on

  • I'd say thanks and tell him oh nice for making my day, hope u have a nice day and that's it

  • I would try to be nice. To say I look "interesting" is make me do I look funny today 😂

    • I do forget how self conscious girls are lol. What would be a better opening statement?

    • See what is going on around you. Ask something about that. Ask for directions. Something that have nothing to do with her but that say you want to talk to her. If she is busy or taken you will know very fast.

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