Girls!! I see that most girls are usually attracted to 'bad boys' generally, Would you ever consider an innocent, good man like me?

I've been single life long. I am sober, I don't drink, I don't smoke/weed, I don't party, I do not practice promiscuity or sex/fornication with girls. I'm 27, still virgin & waiting till marriage.

But sometimes I feel like no one in life appreciate innocent good guys like me anymore as I see most girls gravitate toward the bad guys & they get everything. This makes me feel down about myself that I feel like no one wants me & left stranded. This makes me jealous & envy the bad guys that sometimes I feel like if I don't do those bad stuff & become a bad guy.. I will miss out everything in life. Sometimes I feel like giving up being good because no girls acknowledge & appreciatesthe opposite.

Do you girls want or ever chose a good, sober man like me? If yes, why? And if not, what's the matter? Please share your thoughts as I want to understand , thanks! =)Girls!! I see that most girls are usually attracted to 'bad boys' generally, Would you ever consider an innocent, good man like me?
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  • I’m not sure whether it’d be a yes or no because I only go for those to whom I’m attracted and with whom I have chemistry.

    My guy is perfect for me because we’re honest, open, loving, get on well, have great chemistry (especially sexually) and he’s sexy as hell! I could go on forever about how great he is but there’s not enough time! Lol

    We both have a past and that’s fine; we don’t need to talk about it (especially not in detail) because it was the past and there’s no judgment between us.

    He’s definitely a good guy and I’d like to hope that I’m a good girl!

    Neither of us use drugs, drink, party and engage in promiscuous behaviour. However, we both have done some or most of those before we met each other.

    Point is, it’s not possible to control who you fancy and who you love.

    I was lucky to find him and I’ve never been happier!

    The right person is out there for you and you’re definitely going to find her!


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  • Where’s the excitement though? And it kinda depends on what you look like as well. I mean I would rather date someone who kept me on my toes than someone totally predictable. I’ve dated a nice boy and I was so bored out of my mind. Ended up going after someone the complete opposite for a while just to make up for the boredom

    • Yes, and that is what happens.. the toxin level in individuals do not match. Like if you get a girl who likes cocaine & that excites her, we can't get them to not become bored by a good guy who's not into drugs/cocaine. So understand what you mean because it's just a huge mismatch as one will find other boring because they're on another level.

  • I am not attracted to guys and girls. I prefer no gender! But if I did like one or the other, I think I would want a good innocent person!!! Not the bad type! No way

  • I have a crush on my best friend and he’s a great guy and very innocent. He’s 22 and he doesn't do any of that. He’s also been single for a long time. Thats why im attracted to him along with good looks and charm.

  • I don't look for bad boys. I look for someone I can imagine to live my life with that person. Bad boys are for girls that think they can change them.

    I don't want someone to change. I look someone that we can change together.
    So yeah. I don't look for bad guys, but I look for "good guys"

    • Thank you for enlightening me & for sharing your thoughts. It's pretty deep what you have mentioned & mindful 😊

    • It's nothing. Hope this help. 😊

  • Well I wouldn't say I go for bad boys just because I wouldn't date you. Drink, smoking and partying or having sex before marriage doesn't make anyone a bad person. Not everyone has the same beliefs about marriage and are Christian or conservative. People don't really like people who feel sorry for themselves or that are some what condescending about what it mean so be a 'good person'.

    • So why is it that when we were little, we were never introduced or given eligibility for drinking, smoking etc? Why is it still considered immoral when we were younger & had ti wait till we become 18+ to do all that if society didn't consider it a bad thing? I believe those rules & confinements should be lifted if it has no relation to bad habits or actions as we are born to be free if that is correct.

    • Well because America isn't so good at teaching kids that it's ok to drink as long as they don't become an alcoholic and they shouldn't depend on certain things to make them happy. In other countries they don't have a drinking age of 21 like here in the US and their teenagers are doing fine. But since here in the US you're not an adult until 18 and from that age you are legally responsible for yourself having a minor drinking under your care makes you responsible. It's just the law here, I don't see it as morally wrong if they're drinking responsibly.

    • Yes, but I'm talking about 7 year old kids, if they are born free, they shouldn't be thought what to drink & not drink or have any age restrictions for it hypothetically, because morally it isn't considered anything bad. I would also be of the idea that pilots & drivers should be able to freely drink as long as they drink responsibly because there's nothing morally bad about it or wrong with it if done responsibly & a person would not be considered a bad person for it. What matters most is what's in the heart of the person, as long as he has that we should entrust my that person with our lives.

  • Guys always say this about girls but it’s so dumb. We go for whoever we are attracted to, we can go for both.

  • It doesn't matter how sober you are if you don't have other desirable traits that girls are attracted to. Humour, charisma, kindness, physical attractiveness, confidence, status, chivalry etc

  • 😂😂😂😂y do u think this? Is this from ur life experience?

  • Good men don’t exist anymore!

    • I agree with you

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    • I never said anything about being one sided.

    • You just bring it up

  • grow up

    • I didn't know self abusing self with drugs, alcohol, gambling, promiscuity etc is how we are to be considered to grow up. I'll take heed of your advice, thanks.

  • I would the problem is every good guy I ever liked made me feel like I want him more than he wants me. They take it so slow and think they are being courteous but I want him to just be aggressive with me already and I'm tired of waiting. Do I need to ask or jump him myself? If I keep staring at your lips and hesitate to leave after a date or I apply gloss isn't it obvious the message I'm sending out? Kiss me already dammit.

    • Yes I agree, it takes time for us because of our innocence.. we are constantly unsure if the other side (the girl) has gravitational feelings for us or like us & it scares me inside as I would always think twice if I'm coming off weird or freak out the girl in the back of my mind even thou I would want to do things other's would do first on dates. But I'm pretty sure once the ice breaks & we are assured the girl like us, I would make the best partner for the rest of her life as I open up from my shy shell.

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