So there's asexuality... but is there such a thing as being aromantic?

I've noticed that I don't have the urge to form a romantic bond with someone like most people do. With neither males nor females. I identify as bisexual so at first I thought maybe I'm just not romantically into guys after all, but then I realized I'm not romantically inclined towards girls either. In both of the only two relationships that I've been in in my life, I got a high from the idea of someone having feelings for me but when asked if I loved them, I don't think I can properly answer because I don't know what loving a person is supposed to feel like. I do have a high sex drive though and would be down to hook up but wouldn't be able to provide the romantic comfort that most people seek


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  • Yes. I'm aromantic. I'm 24, never had a crush and the whole idea of a crush/fancying someone/being in love/being in a relationship completely baffles me. There is no perks to it and I don't understand why someone picks someone else to spend all their time with. It also seems to cause more aggravation than is needed


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  • in my opinion, Romance is what people call it, when someone does something they like in a romantic situation, aka, "we trying to get laid" situation.
    For example, I give her flowers because I know she likes flowers and I want to make her happy. Which is fine under normal circumstances, but when it comes to dating and sexual relationship, it's romantic.
    So there.


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