Is he a pig or a good genuine guy?

My boyfriend and I have been dating, and here are some of his behaviors I am noticing.
*He holds door open for me part of the time*
*pays for my meal, is nice to waitstaff and tips well* Defends me whenever I talk bad about myself subconsciously* I told him I was sensitive and would cry if I ever hit a animal on the road and he said"Aw you must be sensitive, that's okay"
*Supports me* He always asks me how work is going, how my family is doing. Whenever we go bowling he cheers me on. He says "gotta believe in yourself and it will happen"
*He introduced me to his family, and a cousin he's close with* His family likes me
*He walks up to the door to get me and he drives an HOUR to see me but now we are taking turns driving to each others towns*
*When we first kissed it wasn't till the second month of dating, he asked me if he could kiss me and he said it's okay if you don't want too*
I was driving to his town and got fucking lost he lives in a small town and is a farm kid. He texted me "Making it alright?"
* He hasn't ever pressured me into sex, or asked me for sexual favors like other guys have*
We've been dating for almost 4 months. He does have flaws but I do too. (just wanted to mention that)


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  • If anyone including you thinks he's a pig that's pretty messed up. He sounds like a great guy


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  • Sounds like a nice guy why would you think he is a pig?

    • His friends keep posting like half naked women on his wall on facebook.. it's kinda getting to me..

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    • Well now I feel like shit insinuating he was a pig... I am a shitty girlfriend I guess. So you think he likes bigger women?

    • Don't feel like shit we all have our times of think of the worst case scenario. He could be into bigger women or he likes girls with great personalities. That's the key for most guys.

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  • Are you really right girl for him? What made you think he can be a pig?

    • He's not a pig, it was a title to catch peoples eye.

    • Or are all men pigs?

    • But why would you right him off as pig just grab eye balls to your question. Sorry I didn't like it. I may be bit different

  • So what except for him being a farm Guy makes you think he is a pig? 😂

  • You seem like a shit girlfriend to that awesome boyfriend.

    • How am I a shit girlfriend?

    • You take the time to think if your boyfriend is a pig.

  • Are you serious

    • Fuck, sadly I am xD

    • You go on and on about how great he is, and you have to ask if he’s a good boyfriend?

      Perhaps a better question is “are you stupid?”

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