Does he want me to approach him?

I've known him since we were kids and he would be teasing me and trying to be mean until I asked out of no where 'do you want to be friends?' And he answered with 'yeah...'

We we never spoke again.

Now we're both in our 20s. He still gives me the same glances he use to as a child. The same expression. Sometimes he stops what he's doing to turn around and stare for a while before turning back again. He often gazes at my bedroom window (my one specifically) from outside in his garden when he's out. He even tells his girlfriend about me because I've caught her staring to turn back and look directly at my window while he's telling her something in his car.

He's tried to tease me again in the past, when I was in my teens as well. That was a while ago. He's looked me up and down before, the whole classic look at the face, then scan to the shoes and then back up again. (That could be because I put on a lot of weight that year and he noticed)

He also talks louder to his friends when I'm around or starts showing off and it's quite obvious when he is showing off.
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  • I don't know but I wouldn't. Guys like that flirt but at the end of the day with their gfs even if they cheat he'll be going back home to her. Don't fall for his bait


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