What do you think is going on with my boyfriend?

So he told me on Monday he was going through some stuff that was keeping him busy and worried and that was why he hadn't been talking to me as much. He said it wasn't related to his school and he didn't want to talk about it until he was done with it cause it was really embarrassing. It is now Friday and I have not heard of him. What do you think is going on with him?


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  • Be patient. Give him space. If you keep asking him what’s wrong and the question are you ok it’s gonna piss him off or upset him and don’t worry about it but I’m a guy and when somethings wrong I don’t wanna go to my girlfriend right away because I know she’s gonna ask me a million times what’s going on and if I’m ok and guys just sometimes don’t wanna talk about what’s going on but when we’re ready we will say what’s going on just ice it time and space


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  • I am guessing he'll reveal the issue once it's dealt with... just like he said. Asking him again or making inquiries behind his back will only display your distrust in him. Be patient and give him space, but make it clear that you're there if he needs anything.


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