Can you help me tell if he wants more?

Hi all, so I just need some thoughts on a potential relationship.

I had a crush on a guy for a while and last night we wound up at sheetz (just me and him) and we talked for about two hours. About anything and everything, throughout the conversation he started moving my hair out of my face and tucking it behind my ears, we were holding hands, and hard core flirting. So I just sorta kissed him, and he was okay with it. We went back to my place and, yes had sex. Lots of sex.. anyways he spent the night and left this morning. During the time he was with me he asked me a lot of questions about what I think about long term relationships and why I didn't believe in love (that is a different story) and we shared really personal stories and he has been through some really similar experiences. But I was really honest about me liking him and letting him that is sex is all that we can have (we are graduating) I'll take it but if we can have more, I want more. He said he liked me to, but he didn't know what he wanted and he wasn't sure if he was into a long distance kind of things. He said.. wait for it... 'he only wanted to focus on tonight.' Anyways so thoughts on that situation would be great!

In addition, with that I want to text him. How soon is to soon? Obviously not today but is tomorrow okay?
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  • He is just a guy like anyone else he's thinking of sex a little bit more than the relationship but he looks serious about having it..,. So try to not posh him to get in relationship and keep things going without giving hints about that.,. You both love each other so go slowly.,..,


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  • He only wants sex

  • Only gor sex


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