Would you swipe right on Tinder?

Just wondering if tinder is broken. I get a lot of attention in person, like yesterday afternoon I had a 19 year old making a very strong pass/approach. I've had another 9 approach in the past 6 months.

But no tinder matches. So what's up?
Are my looks intimidating? Would you swipe right on Tinder?


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  • If I were the type to choose based on looks alone, left.

    And since tinder doesn't really give you much in the way of filling out a real profile to advertise your personality, what more do I have to go on? And I am using the app for purely physical hookups with no strings.

    • Yeah i get that a lot. From women my own age anyway. I mostly get attention from women 10ish years younger because i look younger. I'm well aware that women hate dating men who look younger than them.

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  • just going to throw this out there. this is stupid and shallow but you wearing the orange shirt in front of a plain white wall just reminds me of a summertime prison suit. I would change into a different shirt and go somewhere where there is plenty of natural light, outside is always good.

    • Lol each to their own. Nice to know it could be taken that way, we don't use orange for our prisoners uniforms here so that's not a concern probably

    • oh yeah i see you're from australia... what color are the uniforms there? but yeah i would go outside because natural light and a nicer background are always helpful. this picture would be 10x better if you just walked outside, your face is fine though (maybe you could smile a bit more unless thats your normal smile)

    • Thanks for the advice

  • One complaint many women have is guys don't try to look nice for their pictures. Maybe try a dressier shirt, better lighting - natural sunlight is often more flattering.

    What does the text of your profile say?

    • Horror movies.
      Any music except rap.
      Gentleman? Or polite superfreak/kinkster?
      Charming yet sarcastic.
      Dark sense of humour, sometimes dry.
      Memes and banter ftw
      Pub life, good night life.

      Thanks by the way, i was going more for the tradesman / bogan look. Since i have the tan for it haha

    • Hmmm. I'll have to ponder on your profile.

  • It’s not a flattering picture of yourself.

    It looks like the obligatory passport picture which doesn’t do anyone justice.

    Suggestions wise...

    1) Change your shirt (the orange sleeveless look gives the wrong impression);
    2) Take the picture with a different background and much better lighting (warm natural lighting would be ideal);
    3) Try to smile a bit and look happy

  • Face looks good. But picture looks extremely lazy, like you wanted some quick sex and took a selfie and used that.

  • You should just take a better pic, because this one is not flattering at all.

  • Good tho

  • If you used that picture it’s no wonder you don’t get matches

  • Left and run, you look like a criminal with that stupid orange shirt but you're not even my type so I would even swipe left if you changed clothes

  • Are you at

    • At what, sorry?

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    • You look like James Franco, he's cute

    • Oh thanks. Yeah I'm kinda just skinnier and curlier hair a bit i guess

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