Texts back every night but bailed on plans to meet up multiple times?

Went on a couple dates with a girl and everything seemed to go well- right after she texted back and we text most nights. But she always is busy whenever we make plans to go on dates. We've both proposed plans to meet up again on several occasions but she always tries to change things to another time because she says she's busy with schoolwork (it's believable enough because she's an MA student) recently. She's given me alternate dates, albeit a couple weeks for after we propose to meet. But because she's texting so frequently, I can't tell if she's interested and legitimately busy or just giving me a line because she's uninterested.

This has been going on for the past month- the last time she proposed an alternate time to meet she wound up bailing on that date because she said she had to attend a conference for school. Whenever she's too busy to talk one night, she tells me she has a lot of work and when she'll get back to me, and she always does get back to me when she says she will. Still, the fact that she's kept on switching up times to meet in person makes me question whether I should still bother with her or move on.


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