What should I do about him feeling uncomfortable expressing himself?

My boyfriend doesn't like talking about his feelings. He told me he feels uncomfortable expressing himself to me due to he feel that I want listen to him. What can I do? I told him to talk to me when he's ready but he said he may not never be ready and I want to be there for him


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  • Been there. He's afraid that he's going to tell you something that you will find unacceptable. But until he is able to be open with you, he will never feel that he is really known and loved. Eventually I got over this. I realized that as long as I was holding back I would never be comfortable in my relationship but would be living in fear forever -- "If she really knew me, she wouldn't like me". So finally I met a lovely woman and eventually spilled it all (almost all, but enough). Now we're married and it's so relaxed.

    • I'm glad you got over that and good for you two on marrying each other

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  • Sounds like he already expressed his true feelings to you and all you want to do is change how he feels by making him do exactly what he told you he didn't want to do...

    • You do know you just made zero sense to me. How am I trying to change the way he feels if I flat out told him whenever he's ready he can talk to me

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    • You also said i'm trying to make him do something he didn't want to do when I justified and said when he is ready. So how exactly am I doing that?

    • If I tell someone I'm not comfortable talking about something or specifically to him or her... Then for him or her to tell me to please talk about those exact things to them is kinda stupid and counter productive... And to me, trying to change my feeling that I'm not comfortable taking about this things to that person... Indicates to me that the person I was talking to isn't listening to me or has no respect or regard to what I say...

  • Go for a date anywhere first a fall talk casually talk about yourself first and be like you are fully open to him ask him questions

  • Sometimes it is usual, boys find it hard to express their feelings at times (I do all the time).


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