Did I just ask him out?

I tried to flirt and told him it'd be nice if I got to meet him soon. Was that me asking him out?

He had previously asked me out but I couldn't as I was busy/away on both occasions. We've been keeping in contact in the meantime. It's been over 3 weeks since we first spoke. I know when he'll next be back but convo got so stale I just inserted that line to make things a bit playful lol.

Would he think I'm chasing him by doing so?
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  • Yes a bit

    • Would you call that chasing him if he has previously already asked me out? Like I knew he will ask me out when he's back but convo just got so stale that I tried to be cute about things..

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    • Ya and I'd keep the banter going. Make him ask you out by reassuring him with flirty banter!

      Like in that situation reply "Ya I wish this one cute guy would ask me" Or " That sounds nice, so what time are we meeting ;)"

    • Thank you for MHO, I hope he asks you out or end up meeting somehow!

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