More than a day has passed and no reply from her?

Hi guys. I have been talking to this girl (my ex) for around 4 months. She approached me after almost a year on my bday, saying how much she misses me etc.

Since then, she shows many signs and lately we have been flirting a lot. At first, she was replying really late most of the times, after like 2-3 days, and when I asked her once she said it's because she feels I don't want to talk to her (I was cold to her).

Two months ago I started showing more interest and stuff, and she started aswell, replying faster too. She is a med student (not college, secondary school), and she studies a lot, sometimes she doesn't even sleep more than 2-3 hours. She also comes back home sometimes very late and is at school from like 8 until 19:00. However, sometimes she still replies late. Most of her replies come after a few hours (mines too kinda, she's I don't have much time too). Whenever she replies late, she always apologises saying the reason why she hasn't replied, even tho I don't complain. She always has some medical issues with her heart and goes often to the hospital, maybe once a week (she also has pain really often and it bothers her a lot). Many times she says how she is sleepy and tired from school and stuff, or talks about her heart, and that sometimes she doesn't feel ok, and doesn't feel like talking to anyone. So, a day and a half ago I sent her something, but she hasn't replied yet. It's the first time she doesn't reply after such as long time. She hasn't even read it. What could be the matter? She shows many signs, flirts a lot and her actions/words prove that she does want to talk to me (she has said herself too that she loves talking to me and that I make her really happy). Also she is not cold and warm. I feel that she wants us back.
But I am worrying. I am not like tholing of it all day and I am unable to do my things, but it worries me. Why would she not reply? More than 30 hours have passed. What do you think?
Made a few typos and want to add something.

1. Most of the times she replies after a few hours, however sometimes she replies after in less than a minutes (and usually never after like 20-60 minutes) making me think it's because she is not online that time.

2. I wanted to say "since I am too busy sometimes"

3. Typo; I mean "i am not like thinking of it all day"


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  • Either her phone broke or she's not interested

    • There is no possibility her phone broke.

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