How do I get the courage to talk to her without looking like an idiot?

I know half (if not 80%) of the questions on this site are like this. I just can't seem to be able to pull this sort of stuff off. There are a few attractive girls that I have slight connections to, and they are amazing people, but I'm far too nervous to go up and just start talking. I don't know how to, I don't know how to find a reason to, I don't know if I'll make an idiot of myself. How do people so successfully approach women and click so easily? Most of these girls are in my classes, or I'll see them when walking around campus (a couple in particular). Any advice? Anything?


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  • You can't think that you might look like an idiot. Sometimes the most experienced guy can look like an idiot. Do you have problems talking to girls in general like asking for cigarettes at the gas station. Probably not because your not hitting on her. Don't try pick-up lines ether that's all bullsh*t. If you see a girl walking around campus just go up to her and say hi ask for like a pen or some sh*t. Then you have established contact ask her name and leave. On the next day you see her say "hey (insert name) how are you doing" after she replies make an excuse to leave like you have other stuff to do besides talking to her. Then after a few conversations later ask her out. It doesn't matter if she says no because if she says no then your just back to where you started so just say "that's cool" or something and casually leave that way she won't think that she hurt your feelings by shooting your down. Don't just try this on one girl. Try it on any girl you find interesting after a month you should have had a date. This is like the longest message I have ever typed but I just feel for you I was like this in high school before my brother told me basically what I told u


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  • once you start talking to girls you'll realize most of them are morons

    • Hey hey we are NOT morons!

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    • Girl are not morons they make act stupid but there not lol

    • Wow, acting stupid, does not mean you are stupid... really, that's your great logic. Anyway, stupid people never think they are stupid but alas the stupid does not come automatically with a penis, if you think that it just shows how stupid you are

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