Do you like chinese guys? why or why not?

what do you think about chinese guys


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  • Yeah

  • Cute n innocent

  • It depends what you mean by “like”?

    Chinese guys are highly underrated!!

    Of the Chinese guys (from different countries including China) I’ve met and who are my friends;

    They are reserved, shy and quiet (until you get to know them lol), sweet, kind, polite, knowledgeable and I couldn’t say enough good things about them.

    I’m dating a American guy (Chinese) and he’s everything above except shy and quiet. Lol He’s the perfect balance of being an extrovert and an introvert. He’s confident (but not too cocky... sometimes he’s annoyingly cocky but it makes me laugh); he’s extremely sexy (way out of my league), tall (the perfect height for me), so sweet and loving, extremely intelligent, incredible in the bedroom, he’s able to have a conversation on any topic, he’s got good manners/morals/values/principles, he’s respectful, responsible, honest and direct, he’s generous to/ protective of and selfless in respect of those he loves. He’s got a warm heart and has hugs that make me melt...

    I could literally talk forever and still not have enough time to say how great he is!! Lol

    He makes me want to be a better person.
    He inspires me and I admire him.
    To me and for me, he is perfect!
    I’m lucky to know him, love him, be his and be loved by him.

    As you guessed, I’m in love with him.

    • Thank you for writing so many words. I like your point of view.

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