Girls, would you Like or Dislike this profile?

Girls, if you were using a certain dating application/site, would you like this profile or not, and why?
Girls, would you Like or Dislike this profile?

Taking into consideration, the profile picture is just a normal portrait picture showing the face with a smile. The yellow bird is just one funny yellow angry bird picture. For sense of humor only!

A friend of mine asked me why he is not being liked, so I have explained to him what should he mention for the chance to get the person he wants to meet. He disagreed a bit. So to help out, I thought I could get the opinion of G@Gers.

Of course, with total honesty, no hard feelings, whether you like and dislike, but the reason of your choice would be more important :-)

Thank you,

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In your own opinion, what could be improved?
Hello everyone,
to be totally honest with you, that is my bio which a friend wrote.
Long story short, I was telling a while ago about my single life and he said "Give me your phone", and you know the rest. When I first read the bio, I deleted everything and wrote the following


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  • I tend to like long profiles but I dislike random quotes and the phrase about conversations behind the screen being fake (like dude, give me at least a little time to see if I wanna meet you). Apart from that it seems a little incoherent. Proper sentence structure and good grammar could fix that.
    The 'sorry for the late replies in advance' made me chuckle, because I always reply late as well. It could turn off girls like quick conversations tho.

    • Thank you for your honest opinion dear :-)
      Hopefully by the end of the poll, we'll be able to make a better profile.
      It makes sense having a less long profile, with less grammar error.
      He had to write too much with little characters he has!!
      Your opinion makes a lot of sense :-)

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What Girls Said 30

  • You can barely read it... is he incapable of formulating a proper sentence? The emojis make me think he has the mind of a 13 year old... this terrible. I'd never message him nor would I response.

  • I’d dislike that he replies lte. I’d dislike that he “raises his glass” because i’ll assume he likes to drink. I like to workout but hate taking stairs because i have bad knees. I dont like that he mentioned beer and i hate the smell of sushi after this experience i had. I’d be a little creeped out he wants me to meet a total stranger in person. At least Skype first lol. But even then im not comfortable enough to Skype til like after 3 months of knowing the person

  • I stopped reading the profile. I dislike it because it’s like texting my tweens. Horrible grammar and painful shorthand. If I wanted to date someone, I want an intelligent conversation, not an adult man child.

    • lol. OK.
      I'll actually try to spare him the details and show him maybe the result of the poll only.
      But I appreciate your total honest.
      Hopefully my version would be better somehow, am not an expert, but he did refuse the one i wrote for him at first.

  • I would never respond to that profile. He wants real conversations but from all appearances can’t put together a simple sentence. The spelling and grammatical errors are annoying, the emojis are childish.

    However it does provide insight into how his mind works. A new profile may get him a first date, but once someone meets him, if he talks how he writes... odds are there wouldn’t be a second date.

  • I don't like nor dislike his profile, its just that, its more of a meh response from me. Why does his profile look like a mash up of quotes taken from random?
    No correlation between each quote as well..

    • I guess, it is a mix of many thoughts and ideas. Anyways, will update later on with my own version he disliked at first :-)

  • Not sure... since I've never had any of those so I can't vote either way... I can't say it really appeals to me, though. Looks a bit too vague and not serious at all...
    (It would probably appeal more to the younger crowd provided they'd go for an older man... I'm almost 30, so it's not for me...)

    • OK dear. thank you for your honest opinion :-)
      I guess pretty much everybody till now is suggesting a shorter well organized profile.
      More serious.
      Without grammar error :-D
      I understand, but how about the sense of humor?
      It seems to me people have lost this touch :-(

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    • Don't you mean you... not 'he'?
      Since this is your profile... right?
      No judgement, just a q.

    • There are indeed two different people.
      Just wait for the update to the question.
      No worries, I don't get hurt if people say honestly the truth.
      On the contrary, I appreciate it.

  • I didn’t even get passed the first 3 words. I read enough. What is that language? That’s the bullshit that drives me crazy. Especially if it’s from someone around your age. I know for a fact that is not how he was raised to talk. So major dislike from me.

    • Lmao dang you're a tough cookie

    • @DizzyDesii
      I totally agree with her. That is indeed the kind of opinions I want. Total honesty :-)
      In fact he is few years younger than me.
      Will update later on the long story short and my own version he disliked.

      Thank you dear @EvilAngel114 for your honesty.

  • This type of grammar and spelling is a red flag for me. I don't like drinkers and disagree with that quote whatsoever. I also don't like that fact that it was too much about himself written, I think a simple quote that best describes his thoughts would have been more than enough.

    • Thank you for your honest opinion dear :-)
      the words had to be like that just because there is a limit for characters.
      I understand for the drinker part.
      You think he should say who he is searching for instead of saying who he is?
      I agree with the quote, but not all people understand it, and it shows they did not put much effort in writing a profile.

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    • Well then, let's see for the rest what they think, and if he finally get some sense into his mind, and write something simple.
      Will update the post with his new profile, in case he decides to understand what is wrong with it :-)
      Again, thank you dear for your total honesty !!!

    • No problem. :)

  • I like it, quick and to the point.

    In 1000% honesty, a girl will view his profile for.5 secs if he isn't cute to her, and 15secs if he is kinda cute. 30 secs if attractive to see what he is about. 1min or more if very atrractive.

    By the time you reach the 1min point then the details provided here are enough to get a like or pm.

    Not sure why people are saying to write a Harvard style interview presentation of yourself with a linked slideshow lol, but your friend is judged 95% by his looks, not bio.

    You think an extremely good looking guy on that site has a scientific level bio of himself?


    My coworker is gorgeous and his bio says, "Stars fall someday" on Tinder.

    Guy gets booty off their more than a booth at the resturant we work at.

    Id say do some hotter, more attractive pictures

    • Thank you dear for your honest opinion.
      You have a good point well made to be honest.
      You really do make sense regarding the "Online Dating" thing, where people are "shallowly" judged by their looks.
      The pictures are cute.

      I do agree with most of the girls here regarding the bio itself.
      It should be less mixed together and very simple.
      Like who he is in few words.
      What is he really looking for.
      I will update the question with my own version and get your opinions on it :-)

  • Grammar and spelling. He comes off as very young, and most girls on dating sites are looking for maturity.

  • I dont understand the yellow bird humor but the rest seems fine if not a bit distant and generic. I always prefer bios that include more direct personality of a guy.

    • Thank you dear. Exactly what I wanted him to write at first. But till now, my point is well made from your honest opinions :-)
      I will update later on the story itself and what was my version he did not like.

  • No. Just keep it short and simple. And it should be something about the guy not just random fluff stuff

    • So what would you suggest?
      Of course we are taking into consideration him showing who he is, not what girls want!
      Otherwise he will end up matching people not like minded.

  • Well the profile is extremely well.. not put together. And no one really likes a profile where there are grammatical errors and people tend to prefer people with a bit of seriousness in them and not someone who takes themselves so lightly. A profile would usually have something interesting in it, not just casual things which hardly tell you anything about the person. It requires defining characteristics which this profile clearly for not have. If I saw this one I would swipe left. Immediately. Maybe just make it a bit more organized? That might work.

    • Your opinion makes sense.
      It should indeed be more organized.
      He should describe himself and what he likes more.
      Also say what he is looking for by using this app?
      For instance, "I am looking for a serious relation" kind of things?
      I like a girl who is _____

    • Well that depends on what he's looking for. It could be either casual or something more formal. I can't read his mind after all. If he is looking for something casual then might as well state that. And if he's looking for a long term relationship then state that is well. Basically make things back and white.

    • It makes more sense.
      I can see till now, most of you girls have much the same opinion and how it could be improved. I am really glad you girls are sharing honestly your opinion.
      Really thankful and thoughtful from you

  • Grammar and spelling errors are a turn off, but maybe he's trying to attract the kind of women who write just like that "to be cool"?

    • Thank you for sharing your opinion dear.
      In fact, I let him write what he wants.
      I already know him.
      So to help him out, this post should give him a view of how girls really find the profile.
      I have a version in mind for him, but let's see what most of you think.
      Once he decides that it is time to change, I will describe him, and make a profile.
      then update the question here and see what you all think :-)

  • It's too long , his grammar turned me off and the excessive amount of emojies makes him look immature

    • Thank you dear for this honest clear opinion.
      I guess somehow it could be shorten out :-)
      Hopefully we'll get him to have a good profile.
      As for the pictures, well I think he shouldn't bother post something complicated. A nice portrait of him would be more than enough. right?

  • Dislike.
    If he's a a half intelligent adult and wants to convey this, he should start by using proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.

    • Couldn't agree more dear.
      He is near about 26 years old.
      I gave him my version, he said it was too lame :-(
      I will be updating the question with my version, and you judge which one would be a proper decent bio.

  • Why would you write that give late replies. That’s a no

    • Thank you for sharing your opinion dear omgjassy :-)
      Well as a person who is not always connected.
      I have had people saying "most of the profiles do not reply!"
      I understand their struggle, but some people are not always connected.
      Do you think it would be a better profile if "Late Replies" is not mentioned?
      Or there is something else you dislike? :-)

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    • hahaha.
      OK, thank you anyways.
      I appreciate your honesty :-)
      Some people may get hurt, but staying hones and saying the truth is always the best policy and I like that :-)

  • A little juvenile and not sure about the late replies in advance part.

  • Tbh, he seems to be bragging about his good habits & beneficial hobbies, might give first impression to others like the person is immature boring chatterbox... (Just trying to be honest) plus looks too disorganized, like no flow between two things he has mentioned, obviously I don't mean it has to be organised like a report but poor presentation I'd say, just remove those emojis, it's a kind of turn off to read it for so long because it's disorganized, make it a bit catchy, short, crisp & organised if possible... Grammar can be improved too... It has good quotes & points though, just poor presentation...

    • & he also seems to be bragging about his innocence, just a random weird thought though, but if it's true, people are most likely to find him a fake pretentious person...

    • Thank you so much dear for this honest opinion :-)
      No worries, no one is getting hurt. Personally I appreciate when people tell me honestly what they think. As for him, it will do him good to know what really is wrong with the profile!
      I guess I will make him remove everything.
      Start with few words describing him (emotional, honest, perfectionist, sensitive, etc...)
      then what he likes (walking, read, write)
      without quotes
      who is he looking for (looking for someone honest _____ interested in a long term relationship)
      that was my suggestion at first, but I would like to get your opinions, honestly, for him to see what girls really like in a profile, regardless of the picture.
      Again, thank you so much for your honesty, really appreciate it dear.

  • the proper syntax is
    "sorry in advance for..."
    but it's not necessary

    • Thank you dear Coco Chanel.
      Well have updated the profile with my own personality.
      Though, I still feel dating apps and sites are useless.
      I got a match few days ago, she mentioned in her profile "Please don't stay silent in case we match, and initiate the conversation"
      So I did, and so she has been silent.
      It happens a lot, or they ask to follow them on instagram!!!

  • Like... it would bring a smile to my face if I read it...😊

    • Thank you dear for your honest opinion :-)
      I know some may like and other dislike.
      That person likes sense of humor, so it would be nice to show it in his profile.
      Do you think the profile could be improved? In your own opinion, if yes. And what exactly?

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    • True. ..😊

    • Again, thank you for your honest opinion dear :-)

  • Terrible. The emojis and grammar is not good at all... Needs some serious work.

  • Terrible grammar and a massive overload of information that's hard to read because of the way it's set out and how the punctuation is used.

  • Lots in common, I'd chat him up.

    • Well thank you for your honest opinion dear :-)
      Very few people liked it, including me, even if it described him!!!
      In my own opinion it should have been something different but he disagreed.
      By tomorrow I guess, I will update the question with my own version, the one he disliked.
      And see what you think, and which was better.
      Of course, with the long story short.

  • The descriptions look *messy*

    • Thank you for your honest opinion.
      In your own opinion, how it could be improved?

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    • Yes sounds better.

    • I will work it out with him.
      Hopefully we will come up with something really simple and that looks serious. As for he is looking for a serious relation. Not into hookups nor ONS
      Should he mention that?

  • it's super cringey

  • Nay, kinda too much

  • You've written absolutely nothing about yourself.

    • Thank you for sharing your opinion.
      Well in fact it is not my profile.
      I will update with my own version once he sees that this version is not good.
      But feel free to say anything and if you want to give your own version, based on the info from the picture, then would be pleased to.
      We are all trying to help, no one is hurting nobody :-)
      I told him to keep his mind open regarding this post!

  • thats just ew

  • Remove the quotes. Use proper grammar.


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