Why do girls send mixed signals? please tell me what this girl did to me means?

I got this girls number. She always chased after me at work, smiled at me, gave me hugs, we talked a lot, basically what i thought she gave me the green light & when I got her number i called her n this is exactly how the conversation went
Me: Heyy
Her: Hi
Her: oh uh wait hold on
A moment of silence
And then she hung up on me
I confronted her the next day
Me: Hey what happened last night why did u hang up on me
Her: she looked left & then look right & then looked at me & said I'll tell u later n then she walked off so I jus started ignoring her not saying hi or bye anymore i stopped giving her hugs.
And then one day as im walking out she calls my name & says hey u never hi to me anymore u never say bye to me anymore i said oh im sorry but in my head im thinking why is she chasing aftr me now after wen i tried to call her she jus hung up on me like wtf please help me make senses of this girl


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  • She's just playing with you, man. She likes the attention however she backs away when shit gets real and you start trying to take things to the next level.

    I've met multiple girls like that. The worst was this girl who liked me, pretty much every guy liked her. I stopped giving her a lot of attention and she went straight to my best friend and started hitting on him in order to make me jealous. My best friend liked her too and he ended up falling for her and was wanting my permission to get with her, I told him go ahead and then when he made his move, she ignored him and then she called me and asked why my friend was hitting on her and told me that she liked me, I was stupid and just thought maybe she was being honest now so I started going out with her again and we got into a relationship. It lasted 2 months before she started becoming distant with me and I dumped her.

    Anyways, just keep doing your thing, dude. Don't worry about her. If she wants you, she knows where to find you and she can work to get your attention, but don't give it to her unless you think she deserves it.


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  • She sounds socially awkward. She doesn’t know what she wants but she likes your attention. Honestly... she’s the one that messed up. And she wants you to chase her. And she’s asking now because you are showing signs of “not caring” by not really talking to her. She’s not really for anything more than friendly office flirting. I’d leave her be. She’s going to make you crazy.


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  • Maybe something happened? Wow you are very bad at making things work huh? The type that fusses up everything. The type that blames everything. Like, grow up dude. Stuff happens. Did you call her again after that? Gosh bro what do we do with you man

    • What the fuck are you talking about you fucking dick I called back she didn't answer my phone call that's when I went up to her in person the next day and ask her what happened she looked left then she looked right looked at me and said I'll tell you later and she never told me I'm not blaming anything I'm not over exaggerating I'm just saying that's exactly what happened I just wanted to know what was the reason

    • Obviously something happened, bro. And if she's not telling, act natural about it. Don't have to ignore her and all that. She just needed time dude. Wtf bro. C'mon. She'll tell you eventually. I'm just pissed you didn't understand her. Just be cool she'll tell you one day.

  • she's either playing wit u or trying to get attention


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