What girls like a most in boys for making him a boyfriend?


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  • It's really all up to personal preferences. Everyone has different tastes and there is no standard, cookie-cutter "perfect boyfriend" type out there. Perfect doesn't exist. Only ideals. And everyone has different ideals. Preferences are as varied and complex as personalities.
    For example, I really like sacarstic guys, being a sacarstic person myself, I enjoy the playful banter I can have with them. However, a friend of mine has a more serious personality. Sacarstic guys are a turn off for her as she simply doesn't appreciate the particular type of humor.
    Preferences isn't all that complicated, it's like how some people like pineapple on their pizza while others think it is an absolute abomination, and those who eat their pizzas with pineapple on them are monsters. Everyone is different.
    While it is true that there many common traits the majority perceives as positive, this particular way of thinking is usually seen more often in younger women or teenage girls. When asked about their ideal boyfriend common things listed are along the lines of: Tall, nice smile, funny etc.
    For girls who are truly looking for a long term partner, things would be slightly different. A person's core morals and values would make or break whether they would get into a relationship with him or not. As a person's morals and values are pretty much the basis of what makes them who they are. A guy can be tall with a winning smile and a wicked sense of humor but be arrogant and rude towards restaurant servers. Just to clarify, morals and values is a person's honesty, reliability, compassion and so on. Even then, certain morals and values would take precedence over one another from person to person due to different world views and life experiences.
    For me, this is really important as I see the person who is my boyfriend as someone I want to have a future with, long-term casual dating is pointless and a waste of time for me.
    But hey, there are girls out there who would date any guy with a nice set of abs and some killer eyes. Everyone's different.
    With that being said, these are a few things I find attractive in a guy:
    -Dark humor
    -A good gamer (dk why, find it hot)
    -Likes animals, especially cats
    -Morals and values matching up closely to mine
    See, there are many girls who simply hates it when their man games, and finds dark jokes offensive or hates cats with a passion. The person I am attracted to would be the last person they'd consider dating. It's all preferences.

  • Stability, sincerity, and self-esteem

    Stability because you want someone who has a life established for themselves.
    Sincerity because honesty is really important in a relationship, and it’s nice to know that he actually takes the relationship seriously.
    Self-esteem because it is very difficult to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t believe in themselves.

    All of these things may not be so important if you randomly meet someone and fall in love, but these are the things I would look for if I were actively looking for a partner

  • Her type


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