Why is it so hard to simply get an attractive woman to swipe right?

I'm a good looking guy with a good aura surrounding myself. There's no hardened bad boy exterior here. I'm a little bit materialistic but I can afford to be. I have a well paying job, style and nice clothes, cars, traveling, sports and music and attending events, etc. I like it all. So why is it seemingly so impossible to just get a few likes from attractive women online? Why should I think it's any different to impress or attract them in real life if they don't even like my photos or bio? It's just crazy. It shouldn't be this hard, given who I am, to appear attractive to someone.

I rarely get matches to begin with and I'm not even unattractive. It. Makes. No. Sense. My time is valuable. It's not like I'm some loser that has nothing going on in life.
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This got way more hits than expected, allow me to clear the air on this. I'm just a good, clean cut guy. What I posted here does *not* reflect how I wrote my bio. But, you might see that what I've posted here can be perceived and is reflected in photos I have chosen for my profile, and from the positive vibes in my online bio.

I don't present myself as having any sort of ego, but for the sake of my dilemma and question, I was simply stating who I am on paper. If that sounds arrogant, sorry?
Why is it so hard to simply get an attractive woman to swipe right?
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