‘Would be nice to meet up with a cutie’ is that flirty or agressive?

I was talking to a guy and it’s been going on for about a week plus now. A few exchanges in a day. He has asked me out a couple times but I couldn’t make it. Anyway, But the convo went stale and I didn’t really know how to end it nicely except say ‘Ah well hope work is treating you fine’. Will you see that as a convo killer?

But he then replied to that and said he’s hanging on and asked me how i’m doing. I then said sucks that i’m Working the weekend but it would be nice to meet up with a cutie soon (I meant him duh) IS that seen as being aggressive or even me pursuing him?

I wanted to come off as flirty..
  • That’s more flirty - you’re not pursuing him
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  • That’s aggressive - you’re clearly chasing him
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Most Helpful Guy

  • ''Ah well hope work is treating you fine’'

    I can't think of a more boring way to end a conversation...

    • But if someone said that you'd take it as a conversation ender right?

      I know but convo got so bloddy stale and I didn't know how to leave it nicely. We've been texting/keeping in touch for a week ish..

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    • Ah guys..

    • Well you said it yourself too... the convo went stale. Now picture a different ending, one where you were both so excited, mentally stimulated, and both even more excited to meet each other. That is the potential of text, to create tension, interest, attraction and laughter. It's very powerful.

      I'm assuming you've had some more interesting fun and exciting conversations before since you mentioned texting for a week.

Most Helpful Girl

  • It's more like forward flirting I guess


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  • A simple "like you" would have been better

  • I call it flirty

    • Fair, thanks! Also, if a girl were to respond to your previous message with a totally unrelated message, e. g ‘Ah well hope college is treating you fine’ Would you take that as a sign she wants to stop texting?

    • Not really

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