First she says she likes me, the next thing she doesn't text back...What do I do?

I had been talking to this girl for while online and recently met up with her for a drink. Things were going fine, we shared a good conversation the last time we spoke and she told me she liked me, and that she would like to go out with me sometime, the next day I text her asking if she wanted to meet up again (as we did speak about it) she never text back. I again text her the following day and again she failed to text back. I am slightly confused and disappointed, an I have no idea what is going on. Any insight on the situation would be great, and now I'm trying to control myself whether to text her or not and leave it a couple of days so I don't seem needy or annoying.


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  • It would be needy to keep texting her, but only if you're doing it because you're being needy...

    Where's the line? It all depends on your intent. Is your intent to re-gain her attention? That's needy. Is your intent to have fun and to be flirty? That's a different thing all together.

    At this point it likely doesn't matter. If she's ignored your previous text's then your next likely won't help.

    1) Don't text a girl "asking her if she wants to get together" when she's already made it clear. That's needy. It implies that you're still unsure if she wants to when she's already made it clear. I suspect it might have been more attractive if you had simply texted her something like, "Hey, are you free for an hour this Wednesday night at 6pm? There's a SWEET place I want to check out, come with me."

    Then meet her at a local desert place and eat some sweets.

    2) Since she's ignoring you it almost doesn't matter what you do now. I suspect the only chance you have now is to be fun, but you'll need some time to pass first.

    Try this: next week text her a funny photo. Something that makes no sense and that might inspire her to respond. Like a funny animal, or something that only she would understand.. like maybe a movie poster for a movie she wants to see. Example: link

    3) There's no way to know for sure why she's not texting you back. Perhaps her phone's dead. Perhaps her ex boyfriend is back in the picture. Who knows.

    It's your job to engage her emotions. The funnier your next text the better. This will help remind her how awesome and fun you are. So don't just text her more invitations, simply text her something that will engage her in feeling good. Then, if she responds and proves that she's still interested, THEN you can call her at some random time and invite her to join you on some small adventure - like shopping for shoes, or trying that new fish store, or just eating at the new burger place.

    Better luck next time?

    ~ Robby

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  • I think it is a bit cruel of her to arrange to see you again and tell you she liked you if she isn't going to follow through and make the effort to text you back. However there could be a perfectly good reason, no credit or something in her life that has been keeping her really distracted and busy. If I were you (and I know it is very hard) I wouldn't text her for a couple of days, if there is still no contact from her give her a call and act like you hadn't even noticed she hadn't text you back. Girls like to be chased but you're right when you say you don't want to come across needy! Good luck x

  • When a girl says she likes ya...she likes ya...Believe me...Maybe she didn't text back...cuz she wanted to give you time...or she wanted to make you stuck on her...If you really like her...then go and talk to her...Ask her why she didn't text back...But be nice...Dont treat her bad because that will mess up things more...Dont be nervous...It doesn't worth...Just be cool...go to her...and ask her...If I were you I would do that...Good luck!


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