Is it too weird?

So there's this girl who is like... i don't wanna say dumb but you know when you're talking to someone and you're not sure if they understand what you're talking about? She's like that.

Anyway, when i was with my ex i would see her at parties all the time and she just wouldn't leave me alone. To the point where my ex was fully convinced i was cheating on her and we eventually broke up.

Then i don't see this girl for like 2 years (she ran in my ex's circles, not mine) but i bumped into her at a bar tonight and she put her number in my phone.

Is it weird if I sleep with her? Like she kind of killed the best relationship I've had, but she's still hot and honestly i don't even know if she realised that she was fucking things up for me at the time. I'm probably over complicating the fuck out of this.


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  • I don't think you should out of respect for the relationship you had before

    • Yeah that's kind of where I'm at with it.
      I stopped drinking and went home after that happened so that i didn't do anything dumb xD
      So you reckon just delete the number and act like i never saw her?

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    • Yeah that makes sense. I'm still pretty drunk so I'm just jumping to extremes i guess haha.

      You are wise as fuck 😃🤘

  • Go and do that.
    There is nothing wrong with that

    • Not sure if I agree with you but cheers for the opinion and for reading that wall of text haha

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