WTAF is up with society?

How can a guy really meet a girl? Its not like i can just walk up and say hi lets be friends here's my number. And its not like I want to flirt with a complete stranger with some stupid pick up line either at this point it's impossible just to make friends. And no matter how hard I try to find any one every one Online seems to be fake or just some online money scame


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  • Online is just not an option. There’s a few examples of couples who have met via an app, sure, but that doesn’t take away from the thousands of catfishes and golddiggers on there. Really, if you ever see a nice looking gal out there, just walk up to her and strike a conversation. That’s literally it. If you’re in a sports club or something you might already know someone that you can get more friendly with. There are more options than you think :)


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