I have a communication problem!! 😨 what should I do guys?

I mean i can't talk with people 😭 especially boys ☹ like what to talk and how to talk and what should i reply to their questions... I can't even introduce myself and then end up in awkward moments 😅 i'm in serious shit 😅 hopefully you can give me some advice /tipe.


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  • Well hopes are not lost. See the trick here to qualify and have something in common with someone. As for introducing yourself it depends on what you want.
    Alright lady. Time for some examples.

    If your nervous thats became your over thinking too much and paying waaaay more attention to what ifs. Just ignore it and just know your why.

    In case of just small talk.
    You: "hi, excuse me, i like your [ any compliment will do]. Thats it!!

    Long winded.
    You: "hello, excuse me. Dont believe we meet, if you dont mind, i was on my way back a good dinner, i notice [ add compliment here] and i just had to come and say hi. Names is cheese."

    To drag out an convo.
    Qualify, Share and ask. Thats it.
    What do you like or love. Talk about it! Fuck them if they dont like it.
    So for an example.
    ( continuing the conversation)
    You. "names cheesecake, how are you doing?"
    [ theyll state it]
    You: " thats good, im not going hold up to long, but [ quality ] what do you think of" ( what ever you want have in common with said person.)
    Say food or movie. Everyone can relate.

    Now your share after asking a question.
    What do you know about said topic.

    • Now humor, is needed, but some girls are funny without noticing. Be humorous when you can, dont force it. Be weird, its okay, and Express your intents. Thats all you need bro!

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