What does that guy think about me?

Hello people.
I kind of need help with a guy that started texting me. I present him as a really quiet guy that doesn't talk at all in public but seems free when texting. But that guy is strange. He doesn't open up. We know each other through acquaintances, but we never really texted one other. He was in my contact list but I never thought of him or thought of texting him. Well at this point things turn out pretty weird. He adds me on snap through his contact list ( so he searched me to add me ), and reacted to one of my stories blablabla.. we talked and he seemed pretty open, asking me where I live what do I do in life. I remember texting him once and he was pretty neutral with me. But now it's different he looks free, he jokes with me. I feel the presence of emotions in his texts. He even complimented me. BUT he doesn't seem to take the conversation too long. He sometimes just disappears in the middle of a conversation. He does react or replies in a really kind, funny, jokingly way when I text him. It's only been 3 days we've been texting, and I still find this situation awkward. Please help i would like to know what should I do: Should I text him more, is he into me blabla...


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  • Well obviously he's one of those people where you have to get to know him for him to really open up to you. So if you really want him to open up and everything then keep talking to him I don't see why you shouldn't. But if you keep talking to him and it's just little conversation then that's his fault.

    • But if he texted me first and did the first step, isn't he trying to get me in a way?

    • Maybe. And that's the thing. With a guy like him you'll never know for sure unless you keep talking to him. It's amazing that girls actually think about these things. Some don't. And some guys with girls don't either. But anyways yeah, that's how you'll know. If you keep talking to him.

    • Oh lol. I guess I should give each other more time!

  • Ah the story of the shy guy who texts,. Simple answer he is shy texting is a way to come alive and be more free/honest. You are in a unique position to basically make this into whatever you want if you are interested in him then continue talking to him and pushing him to open up and maybe he might make the first move maybe he won't, most likely he won't. If you just wanna be friends then continue as normal

    • Are you sure? Maybe I more or less see him as a confident person but that just doesn't talk a lot... Don't you think that if I text him a lot he'll find me clingy?

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    • That good he might be busy so another way to do it hey I gonna be around your University sometime this week did you wanna meet up

    • ouhhh yeeee

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