Why do follow-up dates not occur after initial meeting?

So what is going on in this situation:
A guy goes out and meets multiple women in public, has meaningful, long conversations with them, exchanges numbers, but when the guy attempts to text the women, there is no answer text back?

To follow-up with this, let us say that this is a pattern. No matter who the guy meets, how good the initial conversation was in the original setting, there is no text back in order to actually set a time to meet again for a possible date. The text by the way consists of very simple messages such as "How was the rest of your night?" or "Hey, it was fun talking with you (X) day, would you be free to get coffee at "X" on X day?

If the pattern continues, no matter what the follow-up message, or how good the original encounter, does this indicate a general trend that people are too lazy to put the effort in actually dating?


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  • Could be the feeling of how the "initial meeting" isn't mutual, ie; you thought it went well, but they didn't.
    Maybe you got given fake numbers, or the only other thing I can think of is they're just not interested in a follow up date.
    Could be those specific women aren't interested in dating, or are lazy like you say.

  • This is called the "tinder effect"

    • Can you elaborate?

    • Basically people who invest in dating apps are actually not truly interested in the idea of a relationship it's like a brain placebo. People sometimes will go on one time dates, because they have an urge for human connection by nature, but might not actually want that connection right away so they lack the ability to fully commit. What the other dude said is also accurate and possibly true in the way their opinion of the dates are different from yours.

    • Agreed, but this is in real life as well. Perhaps the Tinder Effect has spilled over to all aspects of the dating process?

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