Girl sending mixed signals. (she knows I like her) most of her friends knows I like her too because of our mutual friend. Help?

So she doesn't reply to some of my messeges and she replies to some and when she does her messeges is detailed. When i talk to her in person she keeps smiling and when i walked beside her our hands did hit each other. Sometimes when i call her while she's walking she stops and faces me to talk and my friends do catch her staring at me for a long time when im not looking but i can't catch her looking at me most of the time just sometimes. When i asked her out she also told me that she's currently busy and she would just tell me when she's already free and since i know her schedule i can also tell that she is except im not sure about her weekend.


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  • Did you tell her how you feel?

    • I didn't tell her directly yet because we dont know each other that much yet but most of her friends knows

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    • You should or else you will get hurt emotionally.

      And all the best

    • Thanks dude

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