You should just sit back and wait until a girl comes to you?

Do you think guys like me should let girls come to us To avoid jail or getting killed or being lable as the weird guy in town you should wait until a girl aproaches you you save time and not that much rejection just mind your own and if they like you the girl you want will come you dont have to wait for signs because she will come up and say hi first if not who cares being single is way better.


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  • No that’s wrong the man is suppose to pursue the woman cause he showing that he cares about her/ if your sitting back and waiting for a girl approaches you that may come off as you were too afraid to do anything about it and no girl wants a guy like that

    • I mean im like a 0 on the looks chart so i it would be better for me look at my other replies so you can get what im trying to say.

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    • 😂😂 i found this site while looking up my answers to my issues and I decided to make account to see what people post And talk about and wow I thought I was a little crazy and dumb but noo but honestly I still come on here cause I like helping people out but so this question was for your friend or for yourself I got really confused 😐

    • It was for me lol

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  • you won't get the girl you want that way, you'll get the girl who wants you. you make the choice dude

    • Listen its not about the girl you want cause the girl you want never wants you in my case and not to say you settle for less cause everyone is equal its just what looks good isn't always good for you so the girl that i want can go die somewhere cause im done feeling like shit over someone who doesn't want me its better to take what god gives you than to be ungrateful i hope that doesn't go over your head.

    • I'm not ungrateful, i thank god every day for the blessings i have received. but being a whiny bitch like you isn't going to sort anything out, first of all get counselling, secondly go to a damn gym, third eat better, fourth actually have friends who can support you. once you do all that like i have had to do, then you will understand that it was your fault that you got to the place you were, but you can always recover from it

    • I never said anything about you. and i was talking about me im not crying i go through life with no girl they are barely on my mind i was saying i take everything that comes my thing is if its for you it will come you dont have to rush it i liked a girl but she didn't like me it was another girl that was trying to get my attention but i was too busy chasing something else so i learned my lesson i take what i can get basically.

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  • Real men are attracted to girls. Girls like to be thought of as attractive but that doesn't mean that you act sexual toward them. There are many girls that we may see and think of as attractive. But not many guys realize that girls don't look at us and go by the look but more on how we act. Do you act with courage and take a risk to talk to girl you see is attractive with friendliness? Do you smile and are you comfortable with who you are? Then get out there and tell a girl that she looks pretty but keep it to small compliments. Tell her she has beautiful hair or smile but you only date girls who are cool. And then let her do the talking and find out who she is. It's an adventure waiting for you to start the journey! Good luck brother and discover who you are!)

  • You might not like what comes your way.

    • It doesn't matter im not ungrateful and i take what is given to me what looks good is not always good for you i take what God and life gives me i dont complain or be ungrateful.

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