Girls, do you think my girlfriend will come camping with me?

I have been dating a girl for about 2 months and I want to try and start doing a bit more together instead of just hanging out at home or going on dates in and around our city.

I do a lot of camping with my friends so I have all the equipment etc, so I was thinking about taking her into a national park that is about 4 hours drive from where we live and going camping for maybe 3 nights.
Its a nice area, basically the beach meets the rainforest and you can camp on the beach. However, it is very isolated so you swim in a freshwater creek to bathe and you have to pee/poop behind a tree. Given that there won't be anyone else there, just me and her (and obviously i'll give her full privacy when needed) do you think she would be willing to try a camping trip with me?

Im having these nice ideas of lying on a blanket at night on an empty beach watching the stars and making out. But I have to convince her to come first. Should I try?
and yes I am lesbian if anyone asks.


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  • Yes go for it! That sounds super romantic and even if she isn't into it, she'll be flattered that you considered taking her.


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