Why does he still snap me if he not interested in me anymore?

I met a guy on tinder. We were good and then we kinda stopped talking after are second date. Like less and less. I thought we we’re good. He started taking to me less and less until we didn’t talk for weeks. We snapped me time to time. Things he snaps everyone. Cause it isn’t very personal. Yesterday he snapped me a video of something and I said something and all he sent back was a blank snap no words so I said beautiful I love blank snaps. He sent another one again. So I said sooo how are you he said good hbu and I didn’t respond. Cause I feel like I was bugging him. He snapped me like two hours later saying I said hbu. I snapped him back oh lol I’m pretty good and a picture of my face. He said I looked nice today. I said thanks your foot looks nice today too. Cause the snap was his foot. Why would he say I looked nice if he liked ghosted me and didn’t even seem interested in me anymore? I’m overthinking this 😂I just miss talking to him.


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