Does a guy's height affect possible dating?

I'm kind of on the short range for a dude, I would say (5'2"). And I was always kinda told many times that most women are not too keen on dating a guy that's shorter then them. Just like how most guys wouldn't want to date a much taller girl.

What's your opinion on that aspect of height differences?


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  • I've dated shorter guys and a lot of people I know have too, I don't think it's that big of a deal but then again it could be, not sure for the general population

  • I prefer mine to be at least 5'9, but hey, if I like the guy, who cares? Tho I'd still like for him to be taller than me at least...

    • A. If someone shorter then you tried to hit on you, would you give the guy a chance?

      B. Is there a reason on the preference of tallness? Or is it like a normal preference like some guy being into blondes or red heads?

    • If we clicked, sure.

      For me, it's normal preferences. Don't know about the rest.

  • Hmm, to be honest I prefer taller guys, like over 5'7'' .. my height is 5'2'', so I'd prefer someone taller than me tbh.. but if we click I could go for someone shorter too..

    • Interesting. May I ask why the preference of taller guys over short ones?

    • Maybe I'm influenced by my circle of friends, people around me too but still, I like the feeling of having someone taller (stronger) than me

    • Thank you for your opinion and answer. Appreciated!

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