What does her behavior mean?

Ok so here it’s!

A girl got pissed at me for no reason! Then came and like some photos on my page. There was no contact at all apart from the likes. Then came her bday and the day before I posted a fb story for the 1st time! Strangely after this, she began to post stories on fb about her dinner, thing she had never done.
I wished her a happy bday via dm, she answered instantly saying thanks a lot with heart and kiss emojis. Then she posted a selfie her with some sort of a connection to me. 2 weeks after this, a friend sent a text from my phone asking her to get coffee to catch up! She once more answered instantly, like I’m sooooo down, when are you free? I told her next week she said ok sounds great! Then no answer or news, I was like ok sure so I sent her hey I’m free on this day, she answered ok I’ll keep you updated! Then some events that she was interested in came popping up on my feed! And she came to watch my stories! Funny thing is, all the event are close to my home...
So this kept going on for two weeks, I didn’t react, or do anything!
Then I posted something about a trip I’m planning to take asking if anyone was interested or had any recommendations she came and likes the post! She even liked something about me being interested in an event!
She texted me saying that she was so sorry that she didn’t text me back but because of finals she was stressed! And then added hey I might need help with a project for a class, and I’m looking for one more person to help, would you be Interested?
I only saw the text like two days later, and answered hi there depends on what you need but if I can why not.
She didn’t read the message for like two straight days, and then read it! And later posted a story about her and a guy next to each other while she was smiling in a cringe way!
Then i went out with some friends, and her best friend came to my snapchat and watched my posts.
if you do not care about me fine, but why do you always find a way to come back?


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  • Because she wants your friendship

    • I really wish it would be this clean cut! Not really cause every time i referred to her as a friend, she got mad. She kept comparing to the guys she was supposedly interested in, and even told me he worst part is that he doesn't me the way you do, he does not have the same maturity that you have, and the list goes on and on.

    • oh yeah and i forgot to add, that when i asked how she thought i was seeing her she fot mad, and that's the reason she started to get pissed at me!

    • Then I would say that she wants you but scared to ruining the friendship

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