The girl I like has started ignoring me. What should I do?

Hey All,

Over the past 2 weeks, I've been chatting (via whatsapp) with a girl from a dating site.
Now it was going really well. She was always laughing, giving me compliments, even sending me a couple selfies without me asking.
We've also agreed to meet once her exams are over in May.
She's amazed that I'v never had a girlfriend before too and says that im amazing!

However lately she has been a lot less talkative and now she hasn't replied to my latest message (I've not been chasing her, just said, hope you have a great day, in response to her). Now she's seen it but not replied.
She's been doing that for 3-4 days now.

I plan on leaving her for another couple days before messaging again to give her some space.

Is this a bad sign?
What should I do?


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  • Maybe she doesn't know, how to respond.
    Or just forgot about you, because a lot other people texted her.

    But you shouldn't wait! Text her! 😉


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