Should I just give up on this guy?

The past few months I have had a little fling with one of my good guy friends. He was just out of a relationship so I never thought anything of it at first because I didn't want to be that rebound (BTW pretty sure he was over his ex within the first weeks of them breaking up) Anyways the past few months we have talked practically everyday texting (mostly bullsh*tting and joking around) and hang out every weekend except its always in a group of friends then occasionally go home together. Only messed around a few times since because I knew both of us didn't want anything serious. I guess I kind of messed up by bringing up the talk of is there something going on between us after 4 months of this (mistake because now he thinks I want something serious) and he told me he liked me but didn't want to start anything with anyone right now. Plus retarded me got mad at him this past weekend for dancing with this other girl and talking to her all night at the bar after we had this talk. He is in med school so literally studies all week and only goes out once a week so I understand how his being single makes sense-plus his crazy ex girlfriends he has accumulated the past couple years that are always downtown trying to get back with him doesn't help. Just annoyed because I have been asked by probably 20 people the past months if we are together and my answer is always "nope, we are just really good friends." Plus, I'm friends with his good guy friends so it's probably a good idea to not hang out with them if I want to see anything happen between us? I'm planning on not talking to him for a few weeks and see what happens I guess. Advice? Sorry so long!


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  • Yeah the not talking seems right. Try to get things CLEAR when you talk to each other like what exactly you guys want etc it leaves out a lot of geuss which equals to peace of mind atleast, I'd say take it slow, by the soungs of it you're a bit confused and possibly like him a bit, I suggest you tell him and not play games and come to an agreement. Hope that helps

    • Yea, I mean I do understand where he is coming from. He's in med school (crazy busy) and I have to start studying for the CPA exam (sh*tty accounting test) and work 55 hours a week starting in January :( :( so probably not the best timing to start something.

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