Did I fuck it all up?

I was talking to a guy and everything was great. He told me he liked me and wanted to start a relationship... so we hungout and during the day I did my own thing and he did his but I went to a party and got really drunk out of spite of something I thought he did... so he canceled our date and stopped texting me. I apologized the next day and he basically ended things with me saying everything opposite of what he usually says... did I piss him off? how do guys go cold all of sudden? and what should I do?
yeah it was a misunderstanding and out of spite i partied and hungout with guys.


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  • Read your own post. Thats why guys go cold suddenly. Something you "Thought" he did. So without any proof you basically judged him guilty and was immature about the whole thing and now when he cuts you off because he's seen what you're like all of a sudden it's "Why are guys so cold all of a sudden?"
    I just think it's mental that some girls even have that mentality. Why do you think he's gone cold?

    • he claimed he went cold because he didn't see where things were headed and his inability to date girls, when last week it was a whole different scenario.

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  • You should not so things like that out of childish spite. It's a lesson learned

    • it wasn't really all that childish... i didn't hookup with anyone i just went to a party and snapchatted it

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    • Or OK maybe you tell him you were immature and you are sorry he might appreciate the honesty if he trusts you. Otherwise, my previous answer

    • i get it, and i learned the hard way. hopefully he turns around and sees i was all about him for the long run

  • Apologise.
    If he doesn't accept it.. shrug your shoulders.. turn around.. and move on from him.
    You didn't fuck it all up. Don't spend too much emotional energy on it. You apologised and that's all you can do. Don't keep thinking about it. Life moves on.

  • You fcked it up. That day could have been the first day you two started a relationship.

    A marking stone for your entire life. Anniversary. First day saying love you. First day leading to this new chapter of life.

    However. You did not put him as a priority, and that day, you were aware, was an important day to you too.

    Somehow, you stepped out, denied to see how big it could be and did your own "party."

    He saw how trivial you made this matter, and immediately reconsidered his choice.

    Many potential relationships encounter this issue. Unfortunatel, I haven't seen one that would be cured.

    Good luck.

  • Because we don't like the feeling of being played or messed with

  • dude savage asf... he'll hit you up in a couple days dw about it

  • Depending on what he did and then what you did in spite could be the big thing that made him break everything off. He probably felt what you did ruined something between you two that can't be fixed.

    Don't know how to fix. Maybe just move on.


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