Dating while in an f+ relationship?

I‘ve just recently got into an f+ relationship where we said it was ok for us to see other people (I‘m just trying it out and I feel comfortable enough to stop it if I feel it‘s nothing for me), I‘m not currently looking for a serious relationship though.

However I met a guy on Tinder and he seems really nice and we might meet up sometime (I don‘t intend on starting anything serious with him either, he just seems like a nice guy and I‘d like to get to know him).

Now my question is: Do I tell this Tinder-Guy that I am in an f+ relationship and if so do I tell him before we meet up?

Thanks a lot for your help ;)


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  • Nah, just tell if the discussion is about relationship or whatever close to it.
    You don't want anything serious so it would be even better to just say "i dont want a relationship"

    • The Tinder-Guy already knows that I‘m not looking for something serious and I told him a while ago that I was thinking about trying out f+ before I started an f+ relationship with the other guy...

    • So there is no problem 🙂

      Tell if the conversation comes naturally to it

    • thank you :)

  • Yeah

    • „Yeah“ as in „I should tell him
      before we meet“?

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    • I think it's good to know before getting into anything. you never know what could happen from a date.

    • ok thank you so much 😊

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