Do you think he has feelings for me?

We first met when we were in 20s and we united when we are in 30s now.(friends) When we met again, it was just a casual dinner as a group. and then we kept in touch.
He asked me out after that and we had fun time drinking (our common interest). He kept telling me I'm so pretty and asked me if I want to travel with him. I was so not expected for that so we just laughed out. I spent the night at his place but nothing happened. I slept on his couch cuz I was kinda defensive. I did this because he once had a really bad reputation in our 20s for being such a player.(jerk) He also dated some of my friends back in the days but I never hooked up with him. So I think I kinda didn't want to really hook up with him at this time.

The next morning he said he would ask me for a dinner date during the following week so that my friends would think that 'oh the guy you are seeing is a good guy' and he said he would call me. So I waited. I was excited and worried at the same time. Complicated feelings. However he never called that week no texts for 3 days.

On the 4th day, he messaged me and coincidentally, I was hanging out at his hood. So we met up. He asked me why I didn't contacted him for the last 3days, and I said I was expecting for his call but he didn't so I just considered him very busy.(I kno I shouldn't presume.) And he said he didn't call me cuz he didn't hear from ME! Anyways we drank again at his place and we talked a lot. He told me he likes me and that he thinks we have good connections and stuff. Asked me how come a nice person like me has no boyfriend and I said frankly that I kinda have trust issues up on guys bcus of my past relationships and bla bla. We laughed a lot, we kissed and when he tried to make a move to take my clothes off, he asked me what I want. I said, I don't really want to have sex with him unless we are in a relationship.
He said it's way too early and has to see if we are good feed to each other.
(continued) So I said okay. But even after that day, he only texted me when he wants to see me and he does texts me first but very short. He still tells me I'm pretty and he likes me kinda things but never ask for dates. He calls me when he's with his friends and hang out in groups only. When he left for a business trip for two weeks this morning, he texted me and said he's leaving with a crying emoji and asked me if I'm going to really miss him. (I said of course and he didn't reply).
(last page- sorry it's too long and thanks for reading)
I know I didn't have feelings in the beginning but I started to like him at some point. and this has been a month now, and we met twice a week every week. Should I just let him go? or just be around as a good friend?
I want him to ask me for a proper date if he's real but can't really tell him. And I kinda have feelings that he has other girls too. Do you think he has feelings for me at least? or just playing around with me?


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  • He doesn't want to date you - just wants to sleep with you - might think you are easy - you said he had a history of sleeping with girls and dumping them - stay away from this guy - most likely he didn't call cause he was chasing after other girls at the time or trying to get you to stop playing hard to get so you would be easier for him to deal with - if he thinks you are desperate - he won't have to buy you dinner to get you home with him - which means more sex for less money

    • Yea this is pretty much how I think too. Thanks.

  • Yeah, he definitely doesn't have feelings for you. I'm sure it's platonic.

  • I'd make a guess that you're actually hot in real life, he regrets not trying it on with you years ago and seeing you again has rekindled his interests in wondering what it would be like to have you. Now that's just from hearing what you've said. He may have a different opinion but I always say trust your instincts. My instinct is it couldbr a genuine liking for you, but it sounds dangerous in a lot of ways.

    Tip: Like drinking you say? Get drunk and make a recording on your phone of yourself talking. Talk to yourself and say how you feel. It'll make eerie sense to you the next day when you listen back. The only types of honest people are drunk men and babies (guess it goes for the ladies too though! )

    • Wow maybe you are right about what you’ve said about wondering. I think you nailed it. Thanks for your tip. Imma try that next time. ;)

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