Is she still worth pursuing?

Hey everyone,

I've recently been chatting with a girl from a dating site but I’m really confused as to what to do.
Everything seemed to be going well with flirting and she even agreed to meet me once her exams are over. She would initiate around 50% of the convos and would send me selfies of her without me asking for them.
However the past few days have been different. She now reads my message (WhatsApp) but doesn’t reply to me. So I decided to leave it a couple days from messaging her again.
I messaged her this afternoon and she said she didn’t think I wanted to talk as I hadn’t messaged her but was glad to hear I did want to talk to her. Then of course later on she goes and im currently waiting for a reply from 3 hours ago.

Im doubting whether I should bother anymore because this is irritating me so much. I don’t have time for games and I can’t be dealing with them either.

Does anyone have any advice?
Im not gonna message her for at least a day, see if she messages me.



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  • Online dating it difficult, it takes patience, commitment, understanding, and a lot of good faith placed in people you're connecting with.

    As for this girl, I think one of two possibilities happened.

    1) Recently she's found someone in real life / personal life to date, and has given a break from connecting with you online, since she's not gaining attention from someone in real life and doesn't want to get attached to someone whos online, even if she agreed to meet you. Maybe she figures not replying or easing up with the messaging will let you down gently, or give you a hint at least.

    2) She's busy with exams, and perhaps has other things going on in her life that are keeping her occupied. Maybe she can't talk as much as she wants to right now, but give it time. You can also send her a message, just reassure her and let her know you're there if she needs to talk, or wants someone to listen. ALSO remind her you're interested in her, and tell her a couple things you see in her or like about her.
    She may have just become busy with things lately, and hasn't had time to spare on dating sites.

    It's up to you if you want to continue putting effort into this, but no matter what you choose, make sure you think of yourself first. YOU know what you need, what you want, and what you're looking for. So don't wait around if you don't wanna :) Good luck, I hope things workout the best for you!

    • It’s diffuclt for sure. This is the furthest I’ve ever gotten with anyone.

      1: She said she got ditched by a guy she was messaging lately but I don't know if that’s was before I came along or not. But she may have found someone so that’s a viable theory.

      2: She seems to spend most of her time procrastinating but I don't know really. She’s busy but I’m not sure how busy she really is seeing as she says she’s gonna go do work and then never actually does any when she messages again a few hours later. I do reassure her that I’m there if she needs to talk.
      How do I remind her that I’m interested in her? I have told her a couple things today also so that’s good I take it?

      I’m so sure I want to, I’m fed up of rejection and I feel like I wanna back out of this before I get hurt again.
      I feel I may need to get outta there and try to find someone else or maybe just take a break from it all.


    • I wouldn't give her too many more chances. Honestly, it seems like she's enjoyed your attention, and you've given her the self esteem boost of knowing there's people interested in her, which could be why she's leaving you on the back burner and not replying back for hours.

      If it were me, I would remind her once more that you're attracted to her. Wish her a good day, and maybe add something like "Thinking about you really helped me get through the day. You're so easy to talk with, and you've got a great personality that shines through. I hope you know i'm anxious to meet you once exams are up... are we still on for that?"
      And see what she says!

      If she reads it and doesn't reply, ditch her as* and move on. You don't need to be strung along, and waiting for her to decide if she wants to date you, or even wants to keep you as a potential dating partner, when you've put your effort, time, and commitment forth. You're there for her, and she's taking advantage of it. Which isn't right!

    • That’s fair enough. I hope that’s not the case but I fear you could well be right here.

      I’ll make sure to do that and see how she reacts to it. I think that’s probably the best way of doing it so may as well give it a shot! Hopefully she reacts well but I have my doubts.

      Yeah I will. I’ve made the mistake of continuing to put the effort in which has left me broken inside. I’m not having that happen again!

      Thankyou so much for this! Greatly appreciated!

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  • talk to another girl bro trust me, not worth the chase

    • I really can’t be bothered with chasing girls anymore. It always ends up the same way.
      I agree with you tbh

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