Women looking for a good guy?

Do older or younger women understand that the good guy you want is the guy you either friend zoned or even worse gave the nice guy speech to? That guy is the good guy and every woman claimsto want him but you all throw him away. Do you not see that? Please leave your age at the beginning of your opinion. Let's see who has real wisdom


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  • No, dude. You don’t want some woman who doesn’t want to have sex with you cuz you guilted her into it. Get outta the friend zone and into the arms of a gal who is into you.

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    • Haven't been there for years. Just had quite a few female friends ask in a conversation where the good men were. In which i replied "you friend zoned them or gave them the nice guy speech. Now they are gone"

    • That’s just not true for most, though. Now she could look in some other gal’s friend zone, though. THAT makes sense.

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  • 41... gotta love the drama... friendzoning is tough to handle

    • Been years since I've been there. But the question I'm asking is simple. I've heard so many female friends ask where are the good men. When i point out that they already kicked them to the curb they have a blank look.

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    • And your thoughts

    • Still wondering that

  • 21 and yes I admit I have done this so I regret it yes can I fix that no. I have been in so many bad relationships that it’s hard to even tell when I’m in a good one.

    • Thank you for being the first to actually answer the question. Only advice i can give is if you are bored then it is a good relationship

  • Yeah we're looking for good guys but that's hard to find the good one


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