Do you avoid talking about income with potential partners?

I dislike the idea that someone would choose to be with me or not based on income. Do you intentionally avoid the subject of income or do those of you who are doing well consider it fine if this increased your chances? It seems like a hollow victory to me.


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  • In general western society it's considered rude to discuss your income; however, that being said... many a many men I've dated are quick to disclose their finances to me. Personally, I find it awkward.

    • I'd rather someone judged me by personality, but I might be intentionally acting naive I suppose.

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  • Financial succuess is one of the many dimensions that certain people look for. If you dislike that group then simply turn them down. It's simply free will.

    • How do you differentiate whether that is what they're after? Someone who is looking for that is unlikely to volunteer to share their true motive.

    • It is entirely up to your percetiveness just like all things in life. Monitor her spending habits. What does she wear, carry and what kind of behaviors does she exhibit all tell you how a person is. One can't hide their true nature.

    • That's true I suppose. Thanks.

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  • I straight up tell her I'm poor if she asks and not to expect me to wine and dine her.


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