What does it mean when a girl says she has other interests?

Girl and I had a crush on each other and I really digged her after our 2nd date. After some time she stopped replying to my texts. I got worried and and decided to confront her by asking " hey honestly Are you avoiding me and Bruno (my dog... We me though dog walking)". She told me "she just had other interests" after a funk. not sure but after talking we told each other we should remain friends. I am now giving her space and hope she talks one day. I'm just not sure if she has other guys or she just doesn't have interest in me.

Thank you.


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  • I think she's not ready for a relationship, and perhaps rushed into things a bit too quickly, which is why she's not kinda not replying back to you anymore.
    She probably doesn't know what she wants right now, and she used "I have other interests" as a way to let you know she's not looking for anything serious, or long term. Also, to let you know she's got other priorities in her life, and other things going on too, hinting at why her replies have been so late possibly.

    If you want to remain friends, then do so. Let her come to you, see if she reaches out or messages you first. This way you know she actually is interested in keeping you around as a friend, and she's willing to commit some of her spare time to check up on you and chat with you!

    If a week goes by and you don't receive anything, then move on man. Don't wait around or let her string you along, giving you false hope of a friendship or possible relationship. Find someone who wants the same thing as you do, and who's more willing to step up. A relationship, and a friendship takes two people! Don't you just do all the work yourself, and expect nothing in return! It's a two way street.

    • I think I should also elaborate a little further. Sorry... She also thought I was just a hookup... And told her I genuinely like her for what she does and said she ever want to hang out again let me know.

      She said of course we can hang out.

      I then apologize for the wrong impression I gave her. (Basically we live an hour apartand it was midnight so I asked her if I can crash on her couch for 30 minutes before driving home.). I feel bad about this and hope she believes me.

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    • Yea well, the ball is in her court and there isn't much I can do to make it better. I even asked her why she had a crush on me and she just told me she liked the way I dance with her when I first met her.

    • Let her come to you! That's really all you can do. Give her the opportunity to reach out and connect with you, instead of you doing all the work.
      Hopefully things will change with her, and she will put the effort forth.

  • In my opinion she doesn't have interest in you


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